Monday, April 20, 2015

April Stitch From Stash report

$49.92     Starting balance
$  0.00     Purchases Mar 21-April 21          
$  0.00     Credit for finishes (pitiful, I know)
$25.00     May allowance
$74.92     Available to spend in May

Well, how about that??  A zero purchase month! But also a zero credit month, so I don't exactly know how to evaluate that.   I even had a birthday thrown in there with a generous gift certificate from the World's Greatest Husband, but I still held back from buying anything.

Does that mean I have reached Stash Critical Mass?

Nahhhh,  I have a one-day stitching retreat coming up soon and one of my favorite shops will be there, so I'm sure that every penny of my allowance will be disappear fast as a bolt of lightening.

Well, we have just one more week till we head home.  Florida certainly has been interesting, with its population that swells and deflates over the winter and all of the characters that come and go as a result.  My favorites are the very past middle aged men and their trophy wives.

Yesterday I was at the beach and watching this older gentleman put suntan lotion on his trophy wife's butt cheeks. She was wearing one of those those bathing suit bottoms that are not quite bottoms and not quite thongs?  It was part hilarious, part gross.  I looked at Dave and mouthed "trophy wife".  He smiled.

The beach was super windy yesterday, and it was impossible to lay down because you'd get blasted with sand.  But Trophy Wife wanted the beach chair, so Husband gave her the beach chair and laid on the towel and despite being battered by sand, he immediately fell asleep for over an hour.  I was astounded.  Later, as they were packing up to leave, I told Dave, "Wow, I can't believe he slept for that whole time."

Dave said, "That's because he was tired.  What he used to do all night now takes him all night to do."
I know that's a song lyric...I just have to find the song.  I mean...if I can find the time, since I'm so busy being a neb-nose at the beach.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lee's March Stitch from Stash Report

First - the numbers:

 $13.60 carried forward from February
 $25.00 March allowance
($13.91) Crafty Framer shop (second visit - only purchased charts)
($11.77) Crafty Framer shop (first visit - charts and scissors)
$12.00 Credit for stitched area 44 X 199 of large sampler (equal to one page)
$24.92 balance at end of March
$25.00 April allowance - - - meaning whaaaaaat?
$49.92 Available to spend between now and April check-in!!

Second - the pictures:

The alphabets are done on my large sampler.  (The alphabet section is what generated my $12 credit.)  Next comes a nice row of flowers, birds and baskets - really fun!  Then the bottom half of the sampler has three houses and grass.  Lots and lots of grass.

And do you see my sweet scroll rod covers?  Like a dope, I left my covers at home, some 1,000 miles away.  So I had to make myself a new set, without the convenience of my sewing machine, which is also 1,000 miles away.  The nice lady at JoAnn's cut the fabric to size for me, because my sewing scissors are....well, you know....far away.  And then I hand stitched them.  It was actually very relaxing.

And here are my stash purchases.  Just like last month, I found another nice shop.  This one is in Largo, called The Crafty Framer.  And wow....does this shop ever cram a lot of stuff into a small space!  You have to be ready for a real rummage, or else you'll miss things.  I'll bet I spent an hour in there the first day with my friend Nancy, and a good two hours the second day with my friend Pam.  

So when I shopped the first time,  I found this nice chart in a half-price sale bin. Who doesn't love a Welcome chart?   And who can resist pretty $5 scissors?

And I purchased the classic alphabet sampler for a ridiculous $1.97.  Really.

I met Pam (Stitching Between the Lines)  there a couple weeks later, when I bought that Picket Fence design (above) because it has an adorable garden alphabet, and these two Handblessings charts.  I can't wait to get back to my stash and use some of my overdyed silks on these little bunnies.

And what's a good rummage without finding a couple great Prairie Schooler charts?  I was familiar with Christmas Day, but had never seen Still Life before.  That's another one I can't wait to try.  I have some awesome dark linen and I'd dig it out right now for some of those cool fruit baskets, but as you can's 1,000 miles away.  Oh...and another thing I should tell you is that Christmas Day was a whopping $3 and the kind shop owner threw in Still Life for free.

I understand that The Crafty Framer will be moving to a new and much larger space on May 1, so if you think you're going to visit, it's probably a good idea to phone and get directions to the new shop.  With this new space, the owner intends to start a regular stitch night in the future.  I'd be really happy if she did that.  I'm so lucky that I've had two stitching friends to check in with while I've been here, and adding a shop sponsored stitching night would be a nice thing, too.  As I've said many times before, there's just something about the camaraderie of stitching ladies!

Oh! I do have one little finish to show you.  Remember the PS chart I found at Silk Road Needle Arts?  I finished one of the Santas.  He's on perforated paper.

So that's about it from here.  In some ways, I'm counting the days till I get home, mostly because I'm so anxious to see all my friends and catch up with them and their projects.  And being able to sleep in my own bed, cook in my own kitchen and drive my own car all will be such pleasures.  In other ways, I'll be a little sad to leave here, too.  I feel as if we're setting down roots, getting to know the area and feeling more comfortable.  I really need to live in the moment a whole lot more.  To stop comparing one place to another and just enjoy wherever I am.  So for these remaining days, I'll be enjoying this.

See you next month, friends!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lee's February Stitch from Stash report

It's time for another Stitch from Stash report. How do these months fly by so quickly?

So first of all, I started with a bank of $20.50 left over from January.

And then I went shopping....

The good news is, I found a needlework shop very close to our winter home this year!  Or maybe that's the bad news.  As it happens, this fellow (shop owner is a man - kind of unusual, isn't it?) is more known for needlepoint canvases, so he has rooms and rooms of those and an excellent selection of threads, but his cross stitch inventory is rather dated.  Still - When I see a bunch of old stuff, I know that can mean that there are some Prairie Schooler gems hidden away, and ta-da!  Look what I found! Book #80, Old World Santas, which people have bought on ebay for anywhere from $37.99 to $8.50.  I paid the sticker price of $6.00. Hey there any way I can get a $32.00 credit for being in the right place at the right time??  Come on, give a girl a break!

Chart + perforated paper + threads = $17.70

He also had this chart and I've been eyeing it up on Sampler World and Sampler Lovers over on Facebook.  So even though I've put Quaker charts on my "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LOVE IT" list, somehow this one squeaked in.  I have no willpower.

Chart alone = $14.50

So here's the math:
20.50 balance
25.00 February allowance
00.00 Earned for finishes
(14.50) Quaker Medallion
(17.40) PS chart and supplies
13.60 carried forward to March

And here's something fun! I won the January give-away from the Stitch from Stash group!  This lovely little chart was donated by Gillie, and she even included a couple skeins of floss.  Aren't those flowers adorable?  There's so much to see in this sweet design. Thank you Gillie!

Now, here's my February stitching.  No finishes...I had hoped to finish one of those Santas to get some kind of credit, but, well, no.  

I've been working on a particular sampler named Plenty and Grace.  I can't give you too many details, but I'll tell you this much:  It's a biggie.  

Isn't this little thistle motif adorable?  I wish you could see the colors better.  I like alphabets, but I couldn't wait to get the thistle.  So cute.

OK, I'm off to start supper.  It's stormy here tonight.  Maybe I'll stay in and stitch!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lee's January SFS Report

Month:  January 2015
Spent:  $4.50
Earned:  $0.00
Balance at end of month: $20.50

This year I decided to join the Stitch from Stash Group.  It's not that I'm against stash enhancement...That would be too sad for me to even think about.  It's that there are so many gorgeous projects in my home and they are always calling my name.

"Lee, don't forget about me!  I'm still here!  You know you have feelings for me....And we're so good together."  My stash was starting to sound like a whiny ex-boyfriend.  Well, without the creepiness.

So I think if I really, really try hard at this Stitch from Stash thing, I'll make some headway into the 50+ kits I have at home.  Yes.  I admitted it.  I have over 50 completely kitted projects.  And we must report in monthly, so that's the purpose of this post.

We had a lot of changes and goings on this month, so I haven't had very much stitching time.  Not enough for a photo at all.

And what did I buy?  I can't resist older Prairie Schooler charts, and although I'm not doing the whole alphabet (like my ka-razy friend Sue), there are a few of these alphabet charts that I particularly like.  So I picked up V-W-X on ebay for $4.50.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Samplers and Quakers

I always dither about framing, but I think I've discovered a wonderful framer in Pittsburgh, who is not only reasonable, but also has a great eye for what goes with what.  I think I love her.  And I think I'm going to declare 2014-2015 "The Framing Years".  There are things happening in my life now that make me want to clear out closets and boxes anyway, so I'd like to stop spending money on stash (because it goes into a box) and start spending it on framing (because it stays out of the box)

Well....that's my plan.  I'll let you know how it works out.  Because I have other things I need to spend money on in 2015.  Like a wedding.  Or two.

Here's the Jan Houtmann Tree of Life sampler I worked on for 5 years.  2007-2012, to be exact, then two years to get up the gumption to frame it.   It's on 36 ct. white linen, with Au Ver A Soie silk. I can't remember the color numbers and to tell you the truth, their dye lots vary so much that knowing the numbers is useless.  Let's call it red and light red.

And boy, did I ever beat the heck out of that pattern.  Have you ever had a chart that is totally unusable when you've finished with it?  I kept the fabric and thread pristine, but the chart looks like it's been through a war.

That's a stone wall in the interior of my home, and that's where it'll hang.  But right now it's on the floor.

Here's a cute little Quaker you've seen before, but now it's framed and on the wall in my entryway.  It's a Goode Huswife design:  Quaker Four Corners, with HDF BeRedded silk on PTP Doubloon 32 ct. Jobelan.

And this has been around for a while, too.  I love the mat and frame choices my framer gave me.  Really perfect for this sweet little alphabet.  It's La D Da's "ABCD" done on 40 ct linen with Belle Soie Mer Blue.

Finally, here's my blue Quaker Samplings, by Ellen Chester of With My Needle.  I'll bet it's the first Quaker design I purchased long, long ago.  I loved every minute of stitching this, and I made some minor adaptations, pulling out some of the hearts and adding my family's initials and the year instead.  I think the design used Belle Soie Chester's Blue, but I chose Blue Lagoon silk. (Colorworks silk now).  I'll be sending this to the framer's very soon.

Ok, now I've stitched a red Quaker, a blue Quaker, a rust Quaker and a green Quaker.  What's next?

I'm thinking gold.  Or purple.  But probably gold....

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tools for the post menopausal

I don't know about you all...but I have SO MUCH to remember these days.  My memory is usually pretty decent, but sometimes it just gets overloaded.  They say that being post-menopausal doesn't help and maybe that's true.  Personally, I think maybe it's not so much because the synapses are so old...but because at this stage of my life I always have so many things that I need to squeeze into a very short time.

You would think that having the internet at my fingertips most of the time would solve the problem, but in some ways, it also creates the problem.  

Used to be that I chose books by what jumped out at me from the library shelves.  Now I take a list of books recommended for me by several different websites.  I don't want to forget a single one.

The meals I cooked were tried and true and usually the result of supermarket weekly specials.  Now I take lists of ingredients for dishes I've seen on Pinterest, Facebook and recipe websites.  (Except I'm not such a good cook and sometimes I wonder who I think I'm kidding)

I'd go shopping for a new needlework project by visiting shops and browsing stitched models and choosing what was available (because even back then my closest shop was 50 miles away).  Now I go to a shop armed with lists for needlework I've seen on your blogs.  (I'm blaming you all for my crazy spending this year).

And obviously my brain can't deal with so much clutter.  Especially if I'm going grocery shopping, visiting the library and going to a needlework store all on the same day.  My head might explode.  Luckily, I've found some great list and list-type apps that I can always have handy on my phone, my tablet or my computer.  So I thought I'd share a couple of them with you, just in case some days your head feels like it might explode, too.

I think the most important thing about a note/list app is its ability to be used on all of your devices, even if they aren't all using the same operating systems.  For instance, my home PC, my laptop and my work PC all run on Windows products.  My phone is an Apple product.  My tablet is an Android product.  Not all apps will work with all of those systems, so keep that in mind as you shop for apps - you want something that will run on ALL of those.

Sometimes I want to keep a list handy for a long or indefinite length of time, like my friends' favorite colors, books I want to read, verses I'd like to use in a sampler some day, quantities of food I've bought to feed large groups of people.   When that's the case, I use Evernote.  I can look at and edit my notes from my phone, my tablet or my PC and it's super useful.

For instance, I can be out and about and a blog post idea will come to mind.  I can type it into the Evernote app on my phone.  Then, 2 weeks, a month, 3 months, 4 months later, when I'm sitting at my home computer and searching for something to write about, I can log into Evernote and read whatever idiotic ideas I thought I'd like to remember!

Sometimes, things you want to remember are simply WAY beyond using a note or a list.  It needs its own file...or even its own folder.  Maybe you keep a spreadsheet of the threads and fibers you have in your stash.  Maybe you keep a big, giant list of all the charts you own in a Word document.  Maybe you belong to a stitching club and you like to keep your club-member directory handy. I think Dropbox is a perfect place to keep those things.  Put your file into Dropbox.  You can see (and even edit) your file from anywhere.  (Except if it's a PDF.  Most of us can't edit those anyway)

For quick, on-the-fly notes, there are several Sticky note apps out there.  Like if you are headed to a stitching retreat and you need to bring a couple snacks.  Once the weekend is over, you're done with the note.

I still haven't come across a sticky note program that works well across all my devices, but I since I use the note for such a short time, I haven't really looked hard for one.  And of course, there is always the iPhone note app.  With sticky notes, you can see several notes at the same time.  Not so easy with iPhone notes.

So...that's my two cents on how to remember stuff you don't want to forget.

And as for stitching stuff - mostly I've been working on one of Ellen Chester's With Thy Needle Quaker designs.  I'm using Colorworks (aka Belle Soie) Blue Lagoon silk on 32 ct lambswool linen. I have to say...I'm enjoying every single stitch.  I'm also super excited to personalize this for my family.  That will be the really fun part.

I'm off to a stitching retreat this weekend, in the beautiful Ohio Amish country.  Who knows...maybe I'll stop socializing long enough to make more progress in this sampler?  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello Friends!  So...yes, it's been a while.  It seems like so many things get in the way of my visits here.

First of all, there's LIFE.  Just plain ol' everyday life that can suck up your time and creativity like nobody's business.

But I managed blog visits before, didn't I?  So I guess for my second excuse, I'll mention Facebook.  It's very easy to trade in the quick hit of a Facebook post for the meatier version of a blog post.  Except for this...I've made great friends and strong connections through blogging.  Facebook?  No.  Not really.  In fact, no new friends at all.  So I want to drastically reduce the number of times I look at Facebook, and spend more time creating blog posts.

Maybe you're feeling the same way?  If you are and you're thinking of giving your old blog a good kick in the pants, read this article, aptly named, Why Blogging is Better Than Facebook.  I like all of Cathy's reasons, but I like the Get Creative paragraph best.  

Now all I need to do is follow through.  As many of you know, that's not my strongest suit...

Anyways (or Anyhows, if you're from Pittsburgh), the last time we met here it was mid April.  Since then it has been an absolutely gorgeous summer in Pittsburgh.  Dave and I have enjoyed two of our favorite summertime things:  Outdoor concerts and baseball games.  Even though our Pirates seem to be spiraling downward, there are always the Pierogi races to give you a lift.

Best between-inning entertainment around!

I've also kept stitching through the summer.  Last year Dave and I bought a home in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh - a cozy little townhouse off the beaten path, and I've entertained stitching friends there a few times.  We've had lovely days with lots of laughs, and I've even accomplished some stitching.
Finished in February, but framed this summer

La D Da freebie - Flag City

Finally finished and framed our anniversary sampler!  Moira Blackburn's Scottish Love sampler, stitched on PTP Doubloon.
In family news, it looks like our family will be growing soon, with BOTH our children announcing their engagements.  We couldn't be more pleased!  Weddings are planned for summer 2015 and winter 2016.  It seems like the distant future, but it's really not that distant if you think of it in "stitcher's time".  (Thanks to Nikki for coining that phrase for me!)  I think I have a design picked for my son and his wife-to-be (very cool and non-traditional), but my daughter's design is puzzling me at the moment.  I think it's one of those times when a design simply has to hit you between the eyes, you know?

Sounds like a good excuse to go shopping, doesn't it?

Till next time,