Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I finally had a chance to stitch a bit last night, once all the kids were home and didn't need any more rides here or there! I'm past my roadblock on the house piece. Did you ever have one little roadblock that stops you dead from stitching and it's so itsy bitsy but it's enough to make you put it down and walk away? Honestly, I swear I had all the floss pulled for this project. And I swear I had a skein of pine colored sampler thread. But noooo, somehow I was short that one skein of thread, and I knew I could substitute DMC 935, but hunting in my floss box seemed like an enormous task.

Isn't that nuts? I can organize a soccer league in my spare time (well, parts of it, anyway), I can face any problem at work, I can raise teenagers, and yet I can't get past not having a skein of floss.

But anyway, I hope to move along with this quickly now. It would be nice to get it to Kathy by Thanksgiving.

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