Monday, September 29, 2003

I probably shouldn't call myself Lake Stitcher...Blogging is calling it to my attention that I don't seem to accomplish much stitching. At least not on a regular basis.

Another weekend of sports. Both kids ran really well for their teams in the cross country invitational. And I worked my butt off in the concession stand for 5 hours.

Then it was over to the NEXT concession stand for soccer. If I see anymore pizza, candy, hot dogs, or Pepsi, I'll choke.

BUT, DH is off on a business trip for a couple of nights, and I usually work on projects while he's gone. I'd love to finish this house piece for Kathy. Theoretically, it should be a quick and easy little thing. But I'm just not making any progress! Well, let's see what happens tonight. If I finish this, maybe it'll be time to treat myself to a new Christmas project!

Till next time.

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