Monday, September 22, 2003

This new blogging idea sounded like fun, so here goes...

This was golf tournament weekend here in the mountains, so almost all local activities were cancelled. It gave this soccer mom a real break! I haven't had a fall afternoon to myself in a few years.

What a treat to sit on the porch in the warm sun and stitch for a while. Then read for a while. Then stitch for a while. Pure pleasure.

I kind of I paid for it on Sunday though, (forgive my fatalistic attitude) when I took my two teenagers clothes shopping. They weren't too terrible. Only short bursts of eye-rolling and heavy sighing. And the occasional exasperated grunt. Mind you, it comes from the kids, not me. But somehow we all survived and managed to still be speaking at the end of the day.

I ended the weekend by finishing To Kill a Mockingbird What a book! Enjoyed it thoroughly, and it was one of those where I hated saying goodbye to the characters. Why I've never read it before is beyond me.

Sounds like a great weekend, huh?

Till next time....

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