Friday, October 03, 2003

No will power. I took out Christmas stitching today. Nope, and I didn't finish the house one.

My excuse? I needed a car trip project (read that to mean NOT linen) and I've had these cute LK holiday freebies on my mind. Found an small piece of stash Floba and some older DMC flower thread and it's just gonna happen. So it's not so bad...I don't have to justify any expenditures. I'll just do it and maybe it'll be finished after 5 hours there and 5 hours back.

I hope the old flower thread looks ok in the place of the sampler threads. But without a stash of sampler threads, I have a hard time spending $8.00 for thread for a 2" X 2" project.

Note to designers: if you don't list DMC equivalents for the specialty threads, I'm just not going to buy your design. Nope. I'm not . $2+ for a skein of specialty thread and I may only use it for a handful of stitches? I guess I'm cheap.

Off till Monday when I'll either be feeling accomplished or like a slug. Or hungover if we get too carried away from the Sunday wedding we're traveling to!
Later -

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