Friday, October 31, 2003

Well, the lion costume turned out ok. Actually, pretty cute if I do say so myself. Working with fake fur - yuck. I coughed and hacked all night. But w/dd cutting pattern pieces, and me sewing and snipping, it only took us a few hours. She's such a good kid.

Now back to doing what I find relaxing and fun! I hope to finish DH's scarf tonight. I want to start another now, and I'd like to try some more interesting stitches.

DD and I will take a roadtrip to Michael's tomorrow. (It's on the way to the music store, and she needs some repairs to her clarinet.) I hope to find a nice frame for Gift of Friendship, and then I hope to have it framed and shipped before next week.

In the interim, I've been putting stitches into the Prairie Schooler cabin. I need to find some interesting christmas/winter saying to stitch into the bottom. I've thought of "Silent Night", or "Peace on Earth". They'll do if I don't come up with something more unique.
Have a good one!

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