Tuesday, October 07, 2003

What a nice weekend. I should go to weddings every weekend, especially those where I stay in a hotel, eat and drink myself silly, and my only worry is about getting to the church on time.

Anyways, I actually did finish the LK freebie. After I finish it up with some holiday type gingham, I'll take a picture of it and put it on my webshots page. I'd add a link to it on the LK website, but evidently it's so old - - - it's not there anymore.

I stitched it on a medium to light colored Floba, and it's funny - in the car I was thinking that the white blocks wouldn't be visible, while the yellow star and letters looked just fine. But inside the house, in my sewing room, the yellow had disappeared the the white really stands out. I would have thought the opposite, but then again, I leave most color decisions up to DH.

Back to the wedding - I'm feeling terribly guilty because I've made wedding samplers for all of my other siblings, but not for this DB. I know I did lots more stitching in those days when the kids generally took naps and went to bed early. And later when they were in school and I wasn't working yet. But now...I'm happy to get a little thing done here and there and the prospect of starting an intricate sampler for R&S is overwhelming. I know the one I want though.

More thoughts later....

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