Monday, November 10, 2003

I haven't been a very good blogger of late. I can hardly believe my last entry was 10 days ago. Life is really getting in my way! And sometimes on the work/motherhood front it feels like I spend a lot of time spinning my wheels. I'm constantly in the car, so you could take that literally and figuratively.

I've finished DH's scarf. Looks pretty cool - black yarn with bright color flecks through it. He wears a black leather jacket all the time, so it should match perfectly.

I've been working haphazardly on the Prairie Schooler cabin, too. It's a good carry along project for waiting rooms, waiting in cars, etc. And I sat for about 15 minutes during the Steeler game Sunday, got in about 6 stitches, and DH asked me to go look at paint with him. We've just added a new living room/dining room to the house, and we need to come to some decorating decisions....

But back to stitching. I'm enjoying the simplicity of this Prairie Schooler design. I've always liked their projects. I was reading another blogger who was going thru her leaflets, charts, and mags, and trying to see what drew her to a design. Wow, that's ambitious! I think I'd be all over the map! Sometimes it's the subject matter. Like when I was hugely into birds. I bought tons of CWC designs. But I only stitched a couple. I think I'd rather buy paintings of birds.... Sometimes it's the color. 20 years ago we were all into mauve, so many of the designs I bought were mauve-y. But I'm not into that anymore! Sometimes it's the designer that draws me. But I could go on and on, and I don't know that I could come up with an answer. My tastes are so transient - I wonder if everyone else is, too?

Time to work. Checks to write, columns of numbers to add....

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