Friday, December 26, 2003

Merry Christmas everyone!

Not so merry for me... the flu has had me down since the 23rd. But today I think I've turned the corner. Or else it's just the Advil talking.

Still, it was lovely. I'm blessed with a kind and loving family. Best husband in the world and two wonderful kids. What more could I want?

DH gave me beautiful jewelry, binoculars, and a snowman. DS gave me a cool calendar. And DD gave me a snow woman. And they were all happy with their gifts, too. It was a perfect morning.

I stitched a bit while they went to a rels for dinner. Not too much though, as the medicine makes me sleepy, and without it my head throbs. Looked at my knitting. That's it....just looked at it.

Maybe I'll try the Friday five tomorrow.

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