Wednesday, December 17, 2003

There are days that I'm so thankful for the friends that stitching has brought into my life. I mean, I have lots of non-stitching friends, and they're appreciated as well. But there are people who I've met just through stitching or quilting, and with some that's all we have in common, and with others - well, it's an amazing friendship that develops.

My stitching pen pal from Germany called today to wish us happy holidays and to catch up. We've written for years, and now we don't write as much, but ony because we're both so busy. Kids, work, etc. She and her husband came for a brief visit 8 years ago (I can't believe it was that long ago...) and we hit it off right away. Now she calls me once or twice a year and I'm always so glad to talk with her. Such a kind, warm person. Our two daughters are the same age, and they've been writing for a couple of years now, too. My best news from her call is that they may come to visit in late summer or October this year. I can't tell you how excited that makes me!

This summer I had the good fortune to meet another quilting/stitching pen pal, who, luckily for me, was swinging through this area because her daughter was in Ohio. Honestly, it was the highlight of my summer. I think it's because I felt like our getting together was a remarkable twist of fate. Neither of us had any expectations that we would meet when we started writing. (She lives in Australia.) So we were both amazed by the possibility that we could get together, and then when we did, and when we realized that this friendship was more than just words on a paper....Well, it was incredible. When she left it felt like a hole was left in my heart. I had to come to terms that I would most likely never see her again. Well, we shed a few tears and said goodbye. I'll always remember her visit fondly.

Not much stitching going on here. We've been painting the new room. Looks excellent. And I zipped thru two books this week. GREAT reads - The Good Children, by Kate Wilhelm, and Falling Angels by Tracie Chevaulier.

I've started yet another scarf. The yarn is to die for - it feels like velvet, and looks like velvet. It's a pleasure to work with. I don't think I'll ever progress past scarves. I just like the repetition. And as long as these kids keep outgrowing coats, well, I'll just have to keep making scarves to match their new ones!

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