Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Done! Finished! Signed, sealed, delivered, and it's not even January 31! As much as I love my columns of numbers, these year-end payroll reconciliations can stress me out. But everyone has their W-2's and sick leave and vacation leave updates, and I'm none the worse for wear. A couple of people whined a little, but I'm learning to expect that every year. After all, who wouldn't want more vacation time?

My sampler is humming along. I decided to put the stitching updates on the sidebar, rather than in each post. If you've ever looked at pictures on the Sampler Cove website and look at the wonderful samplers hanging in her house, well, you'd want as many samplers as possible, too! Her work puts me to shame....They are so much more intricate and detailed than any of my samplers. Well, to be fair, I'd have to say that I've given some of my best work away. My mother is the usual recipient, and she has two of my very best pieces. What can I say? I love giving my parents my best work. And they love getting it, so it's win/win, except it just doesn't hang in my house. I only get to visit them.

Yet another cold, grey, blustery day. After receiving 12 inches of uncleared snow, and the wind blowing like crazy to make huge snowdrifts, it was unfathomable that the kids had school this morning. But our school district in all its wisdom only had a delay. Unbelievable. I would have kept them home, but they, (DS especially) frets over missed homework. He's in an Honors English class and trying to catch up after missing a day is really difficult. I don't know where he gets his school work ethic from. Certainly not from me. I'm pretty sure I had already been caught skipping school at his age. I wasn't really bad, just disinterested. A friend and I would go to a local college campus and sit in the student lounge drinking coffee, playing cards, and smoking cigarettes all day. As if a couple of doofy 15 year olds fit in on a college campus! What idiots we were! And then of course, after skipping one too many times, we were caught. How's this for dumb. We got off the bus at school, and just walked off through the school grounds. Did we think we were invisible?? So of course, my homeroom teacher saw us, called home, and we two hot shots were grounded for-almost-ever.
Oh to be young again! Nope, not for a million bucks!

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