Thursday, January 22, 2004

I'm feeling ever-so-much-better today. Life has a way of ironing itself out. People are forgiving, and life goes on. I love the old story about giving away your problems. You know, the one about all the people who get together in a room, write all their problems down on paper, and then put them in a hat to trade. And once they're all traded, it turns out that you want all your own problems back. I know there's no point in hiding from whatever's going on. Just stand up, lift your chin, and face things. The results are so much better than curling up in a ball and ruminating. (Mind you I've come to this understanding after a short curl-up-in-a-ball period, as you can see from yesterday's post. Hey - nobody's perfect. )

None the less, I'm still on a mission for a retreat! My search for stitching getaways online has had some interesting results.

1. Theresa Venette of Shakespeares Peddler runs a getaway in Fargo, North Dakota. She has three scheduled for weekends in June, July, and October. They look fun - not themed and no particular project, but I would imagine that lots of quality stitching and shopping takes place.

2. Last year
Shepherds Bush had a getaway. Nothing has been posted on their site so far this year, but with the recent death of their brother, I'm sure it may have taken a back seat. I'll keep an eye out.

3. There's a company called Stitchers Hideaway that sponsors retreats. Their website had some dates and locations (Florida in March sounds interesting!), but not much other info. More digging is needed.

4."Nordic Needle held a retreat last year. Looks like plans are in the works for 2004, but nothing's on their site yet.

5. Finally, another company called A Stitchers Retreat organizes getaways. These look more local to me - not involving airline flight.

So, that's what I've come up with so far. I've thought of just going to a show (ie. the CATS show), but since I'd be going alone, I like the way that these retreats foster your ability to meet people. Big shows are so overwhelming. People aren't in a "meeting others" kind of mood, I don't think.

Maybe I'll post on a couple of BB's to see if there are any others out there. Stay tuned....

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