Sunday, January 18, 2004

It's been one cold, wet weekend. I stitched a little on the PH sampler yesterday, but so far not at all today. Because I umm...I hrrrr...had to spend the afternoon taking the Christmas tree down. I'll bet I'm the last one of the needlework bloggers to clean up their tree. I know I was the last one on my street. And there I was feeling smug and superior in knowing that my neighbors (nice, but sloppy) still had their tree up. Then yesterday morning I drove by their house and horrors! Their tree was bare and looked to be headed out the door any minute. They beat me! No way...not Mr. and Mrs. Nice but Sloppy! So I hung my head in shame and now my tree is down.

I just hate saying goodbye to the tree. But I'm not that fond of it that I'd have a tree up all year. Our postmaster has one up all year, decorated according to the season or holiday. I don't think I'd do that, but "never say never", right?

This summer when my Australian pen pal visited, one of the things she noticed was that we Americans decorate so much. We put wreaths on our doors, flags on our decks, and we change for most every season. I know that I even have stitchery that comes out in the fall, in the spring, and in the winter. It hangs for a few months, then it all goes into a drawer and everything switches around. We wondered if it was because we have so many seasonal changes, and Australia doesn't. While I think the change of seasons is a factor, I think it's not the complete answer. We get marketed pretty heavily by gift manufacturers, and I think they're pretty darn good at it.

You know what really gets my seasonal decorating spirit moving? Did you ever go to one of those Calendar Parties? It's a banquet or meal where each dining table is decorated according to a month/holiday/season (depending on how many tables the organization can get together). Those ladies - and I don't mean to exclude men, I've just never seen men hosting these affairs - are un-doggone-believable at decorating. I've done tables twice. The first time my table was pitiful, but my guests were really kind and didn't even act put off that my paper plates (hey - they had fall leaves on them) didn't come close to the lovely Christmas china and silver at the next table. Or the adorable blue spatter ware and red bandanas decorating the Southwest table at the table on the other side of us. Needless to say, my next try at putting together a table was much different. I wish I could dig up the pictures someone took......but there are boxes of Christmas bulbs and ornaments to put away.

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