Saturday, January 03, 2004

Nothing much has been on my mind this week, except thinking all week that the holidays have passed me in a haze. Having the flu took longer to recover from than I would have thought. No fever, but my energy levels almost nonexistent.

We went to see LOTR Return of the King Monday at Loew's theater in Pittsburgh. We even sprang for the good seats - the leather semi-recliners with lots of leg room. It was a good choice, what with the movie being so long. Anyway, what an excellent movie! I'd like to see it again though. It seems like when I watch movies, I get tied up in the plot. Then the second time I see something, I can watch the character development and appreciate the acting more. I don't do this with most movies - I have to care enough about it to want to see it again.

We also watched Pirates of the Caribbean on NYEve. Another wonderful movie! And another one that I enjoyed watching twice. Johhny Depp was great as Jack Sparrow.

We continue with construction. And (gasp) the contractor is here today, on a Saturday! This has never happened before....I feel faint!

Well, DS went to a formal dance last night. A girl from another high school that he met at a cross-country meet asked him to go to this dance. Now, they never see each other at school, or on "dates", as neither one of them drives. But they are on the phone or on line all the time. I just don't get it. Anyways, DS was invited by this girl, and one of his friends had been invited by her sister, so we all met at the girls' house for pictures. The kids all looked so grown up. The girls were stunning, and the boys were handsome in their suits. He hasn't come back yet - there was an after-dance party, and then he was spending the night at this other fellow's house and coming home this morning. I can't wait to hear about it - even though I know I'll get one and two word descriptions!

I continue to work on the lovely scarf. I'm hoping my tension is right...the yarn feels so nice, but it's also very slippery. I feel like sometimes I'm holding it too tightly, and other times it's slipping thru my fingers like water.

I've also almost finished the trees. DD looked at it and really liked it, so it'll be hers. By the way, the designer is Jean Farnum of Country and Colonial Stitches. I was surprised to see it online because it was such an old chart. But it was a pleasant surprise!

Okay, time for the Friday Five, then I'm outta here:

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. Hearing about the dance from DS

2. ...over the next week? Getting back to a regular work schedule so I can feel more on track and less like I'm just putting out fires as they come up.

3. ...this year? Finishing this !#$%^& construction

4. ...over the next five years? Watching and helping my kids through their years in high school. Watching them grow into the people they are meant to be.

5. ...for the rest of your life? Retirement with my DH!

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