Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Ouch! One of my favorite blogs seems to have gone to a private blog. It was odd that it happened right after I listed her blog in the sidebar among my favorites. I'm trying to not take it personally. ;) But I'll miss some good reading.

So far, today really bites. A discussion with contractor about opening the house to the addition went ok. It amounted to just taking out a door and a window. Then I sent DH down to review proposed work, and he nixed the whole thing - without talking with me, I'd like to add. Then DH and I argued. Not just a little - a big, shouting mess, right by where the workers were standing. Then DH opened door and shouted at contractor's workers. Ugh, I'm so embarrassed, I could curl up. And now work has stopped.

Honestly, I just want to go hide for a while. It's as if my whole psyche is shouting "Enough, already!"

I've never been to one of those stitching retreats, but I'm telling you, I think it's about time. I've always found a reason to decide not to go. DH will pout. Kids need me. Too much work at this (fill in the blank) time of year. But now I wonder what the heck I've been waiting for? Till I have the perfectly ordered and easy life so that I can get away without guilt or fuss or muss? Jeez, if I had that life, I wouldn't NEED to go away. But the way I feel today, I may never come back....

OK, pity party over. I'm going to do a little surfing for some get-aways. Now. Right now!

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