Monday, January 05, 2004

This has been the first morning back to work for me and to school for DD and DS. It feels, if not good, at least productive. My goal today is to finish work and get the final stitches in my trees.

I think I've picked the sampler that I want to work on. Forever I've had the Needlewoman's Sampler by Pat Harper Designs. I mean I've had it since the 80's....and it's made me smile every time I look at it, so why have I stashed it away all these years? Maybe because my tastes ran differently for a while. I hunted for difficulty - lots of drawn thread, hardanger, and specialty stitches. Well, I guess I've come full circle and now I'm happy with simple again. And this is the perfect piece. Sizable, yet simple.

I can't find Pat Harper Designs anywhere online, so I've scanned the cover page and put it on my webshots cross stitch page so that you can see it.
Back to work!

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