Monday, February 23, 2004

I know I promised to write about stitching, but it would really help if I had actually stitched something this weekend. Unfortunately, most of my weekend was spent lifting and carrying furniture, cleaning, and generally working around the house. But there is a small stitching aspect to be found here!

Saturday morning Dave and I started moving furniture into the new addition. The biggest job was moving the china closet, because all the crystal and china had to be removed first, and then all of the drawers, etc, to make it as light as possible. Well, my china closet and two buffets were so full of STUFF, you wouldn't believe it. I never thought I was a pack rat, but now I'm not so sure....So my Saturday involved lots of moving, but lots of sorting through drawers full of odds and ends, also And among those odds and ends were some pieces of needlework that I had completely forgotten about. I found stitched bread cloths, crocheted and tatted doilies, and quilted place mats. I store my Christmas stitching in the bottom drawer of the buffet, and I found a few pieces that I had forgotten about, like a neat Victorian-style stitched pouch given to me as a gift. And there was a bell-pull of of berries (an old MLI design) that was part of a round robin I did a million years ago. I guess when we moved here in 2001, I packed away lots of things that I was using at the old house, and they never quite found their niche in this house. But now that we have more space, I think I can find a place for them! Kinda felt like Christmas all over again!

Anyway, Dave and I worked really hard all weekend, and I'm so, so pleased with the results. The coats are in the coat closet, not on a cluttered hall tree in my kitchen. The dining room furniture is all moved to the new dining room and it looks excellent. The eating area in the kitchen looks warm and inviting, and our entryway is neat and functional.

Forgive me while I bask in this feeling of organization! I don't get to do this much in my life, and I know it's short-lived (it will all pass at about 4PM when the kids get home from school), so I'm enjoying the feeling while I can!

In other news, last night I dropped 5 pounds of mashed potatoes on the floor. I had this wonderful dinner planned - a comfort food fest after working so hard all weekend, including a turkey breast, stuffing, green beans, and mashed potatoes. I was just moving the mashed potato bowl onto the table and the whole thing slipped out of my hands and smashed onto the floor. I just stared....I was dumbstruck! Until the dog and cat came in with that look in their eyes...and I knew I had to get cleaning quick. Not only to stave off having them blow up on mashed potatoes, but also because I knew it was full of glass shards. So I moved in quickly, and wasn't being too careful and then I cut my hand, so the mess now included mashed potatoes, glass and blood. Oh, it was lovely. Not to mention being without a critical side dish.

The side dish part wasn't too hard. My family actually likes canned potatoes fried in butter with parsley. Not the comfort of a pile of mashed potatoes and gravy, but passable. And there's still mashed potato cemented into the cracks between the floor tile. DH took the Swiffer to it. I almost laughed. What is it with men loving these Swiffer Sweepers?? They love the idea of spray-wipe-smear? (My apologies to those who love their swiffers. I think they're ok for a quick wipe-down, but for real cleaning....not a chance. And certainly not for mashed potato cement)

Here's hoping to a better meal, if not a neater meal, tonight!

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