Friday, February 06, 2004

Ok, this is it....I'm officially suffering from cabin fever. It's hit today especially hard. I went to the bank around lunchtime, making through the foot of slush at the end of my driveway. Came directly home, thinking I could put the car in the garage, so I pulled around to the back of the house, only to get stuck even deeper in slushy snow. So now not only did I not get in the garage, I can't get the car out of the slush.

All through January and this part of February, I've been able to get where I needed to go. It hasn't been easy most of the time, and there's been some dicey driving, but I've gotten where I needed to be if necessary. But has it been any fun? No.... It's not like I've risked life and limb to trek off to fun places this month. It's been to the grocery store, to the bank, to work, to pick up this one or that one. No trips to the LNS, yarn shop, library, or anything fun like that. (Although if I can dig out of the slush, a trip to the liquor store may be "necessary", and that can be fun, too)

And it's so aggravating. When I know I can't go anywhere, that's when my desire to go is at its greatest!

Not only that, these kids have been home from school way, way too much. Life with teens can be great, but some days it can be sheer torture. Today is torture. The fighting, the whining, the teasing, the laying around. I'd say that they haven't had a single full week of school since before the Christmas holidays. They're probably averaging about three days a week. Stop me before I kill someone! But I think no jury on earth would convict me after a winter like this.

Speaking of juries, I was called to jury duty again. Oh joy. Silly me, last time I took my knitting. However, my knitting needles were too threatening, so my scarf was confiscated and I spent a lot of wasted time. This time I'll try it with my bamboo circular needles and hopefully they won't seem as scary. But that's not till March.

This weekend is a class at a nearby university to certify soccer referees. DS is going, and I'm thinking about going, too. Come fall there's quite a shortage of soccer refs. Most of the officials in PA West are teens, and sometimes they have really hectic schedules. One local club actually cancelled a few weekends of games because they couldn't find refs. Anyway, I've watched enough years of soccer and enough games that I think I could pass. However, suppose I fail the test?? That would be way too embarrassing. This needs more thought.

No new stitching updates. I'm stuck for inspiration at the moment.

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