Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Well, the world is abuzz with the whole JJ/JT Super Bowl incident, and I'd put my two cents in, except that I didn't see it.

Here's the thing: Maybe it's my age or my demographic or whatever, but I haven't been interested in Super Bowl half time entertainment for years. Half time is when I clean up a bit from all the food and fun, and even though we had stayed home and didn't have anyone in this year, 2004 was no different. There were just the four of us, but there were still dishes to do and dessert to serve, and no part of the show was going to hold my interest enough to let those dishes sit! I don't know, maybe it's different if you're actually there and watching it live. Maybe you enjoy the spectacle, or feel like you're at a concert if you are there. But the TV entertainment part of it leaves me cold.

Now, give us a good old marching band - there are GREAT college bands out there, and professional drum corps - and maybe we'd watch. (ok, you all can stop laughing at me right now)

The other piece that I want to address though is the pornography issue. Little by little we've eroded what we consider to be decent TV entertainment. Hey, I'm no prude, but there are some issues here.

Let's start with language: TV language is way out of control, and I think that as a culture changes its language, the culture transforms as well. And the TV world is definitely a culture. It's part of our culture, yes, but I think it's a culture of its own too, (if that makes any sense)

Just try and teach your kids not to curse in today's world. Hey, I admit that as a youngster I tried my hand at having a dirty mouth. All kids do, and they can cuss a blue streak at certain stages of their lives. My parents swore occasionally, but it was light and certainly not conversationally. So to me big-time cursing never felt natural and it passed. But our kids today are bombarded with profanity, and I'm afraid that even though mom and dad don't cuss (regularly) at home, it feels natural everywhere else in the world so they'll be comfortable using seriously bad language all the time.

Well, they had better not in front of me. If they can't monitor their language around their dear parents, these kids will have some big time trouble in the real world. No kids are perfect, but if they at least know how they are supposed to behave, that's the first step.

Now, there's also the boob issue. Is it a coincidence that there are boobs, intimate kisses, and serious grinding on TV, while at the same time in our day to day work and school lives we are bombarded with sexual harrassment issues?? Cripes, all day long we're surrounded with "Don't do this", "Don't talk this way", "Don't touch", and then all evening and weekend we get the message that "Sure, it's ok and what's more, it's great fun!" Heck, I'm 45 and I think I have real life vs. TV life figured out, but what about my 15 y.o. son? And my 12 y.o. daughter? Argghhhh! Makes you want to kick something, doesn't it?

Ok, rant over. What's the solution? I guess it's financial, as always. Don't buy the product. Write letters to CBS. Work on bigger, more significant FCC fines. FORCE cable TV and satellite TV to accurately rate shows. Don't let them get away with this "unrated" crap. (oops, mild cussing)

New pic posted to the left with my PH sampler! Moving right along...what fun!

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