Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I'm back after a few days of jury duty. Grindingly boring, mind numbing jury duty. I've been called and served before but it was for civil court and it was very simple. This week it was criminal court and let me tell you, nothing was simple.

First of all, our county courthouse is.... one of the most depressing places in the county. If you're just walking through it, you may enjoy the architecture and some of the older pieces of stained glass work and wood carving. But if you have to spend time in it as a juror, those things fade fast. Jurors must stay in the courtroom hallways, which are dimly lit caverns that echo sound so loudly that if two or three other people are talking in the hall, you can barely hear the person next to you. And dark?? I could have grown mold it was so dark. On Monday I tried to sit by a window with my stitching, but it only gave thin, dim light. So then I saw the Law Library and walked in. Comparitively, it was heaven. Reasonably well lit, quiet - as in no sound bouncing off walls. So I asked the jury clerk if I could wait in there. "Sure", she said, "as long as I know you're in here." It was great. I mean, as great as twiddling your thumbs can be. But I could stitch without going blind, and there were plenty of magazines to look through. I was plugging along on the sampler, thinking, hey, this isn't too bad...

However, I should have known that finding a hideaway was a mixed blessing, because they dismissed all of us unpicked jurors at 11:00 and forgot I was in the library. So at 1:30 I ventured out into the hallways, and thought, hmmmm. It's very quiet here....

So on Tuesday, I didn't visit the library, and spent the whole day in the dark halls.

It's not that I wasn't picked for cases. But being that we own a retail business, I was always dismissed. I think it's sad, but when you own a retail store, particularly a pharmacy, you're very likely to have been robbed, burglarized, deceived by fraud, shoplifted from, and issued bogus checks. Even assaulted. So needless to say, I was dismissed. The first case was laughable. It was a check fraud case, and I had just that morning filed a complaint at the District Attorney's office on a hefty check. I was excused...Next case was a retail theft case. I was excused. You can see a pattern here...and I came to realize that this was a giant waste of my time.

Well, the heavens must have had pity on me, because my friend who works in the Courthouse was floating around the halls that day. One thing led to another, and I was excused for good. So today I'm back to work, back to blogging, and back to my normal, well-lit, reasonably quiet life.

Stitching? I've kept at my current sampler. It helps that I know exactly where I want to hang it. But it's tough. My focus is wandering to a couple of short projects, but doggone it, I'm going to stick with ONLY this sampler until it's finished! New pics soon...

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