Saturday, March 27, 2004

Some interesting news....I just took a (very) part-time bookkeeping job at Kentuck Knob, a Frank Lloyd Wright home nearby that was opened to the public by Lord Palumbo. They were in desperate need of a bookkeeper and got my name thru their accountant. I have a lot on my plate already, but decided to interview anyway. Oddest interview ever....

Evidently, they were without a bookkeeper for a time, and there were bills to be paid and the manager was really stressing out. She was trying to pay some of them and even though Quickbooks is easy to use, if you don't have all the little spots on your page clicked correctly, you can really mess yourself up. (How's that for professional sounding lingo?)

My interview went like this: Mrs. C: "Oh no, what have I done??" Me: "Well now wait, we can fix this, don't worry." Followed by various sounds of computer keys clicking, basically asking Quickbooks to let us have it back and do it again, and then the zinging sound of the printer spitting out a check. Mrs. C: "Ok, now can you figure this out...." Instead of on-the-job-training, it was like I had an on-the-job-interview. And now I have a new job. Well, an extra job.

The thing is, I already have a lot of work with the pharmacy's bookkeeping, Deer Lake's bookkeeping and I won't even mention my kids' schedules. My guess is I'll need about one day a week (or less) for this new venture, but if it's more, I'll be a little nuts. Maybe it's lofty, but my goal there will be to get their bookkeeping to a place where anyone could step into that job and do it. I know Mrs. C could do it, because I know her from other neighborhood activities (church, sports, etc) and I know she's smart and a quick study and she loves rows of numbers as much as I do. She was just overwhelmed and worried and couldn't concentrate yesterday. So maybe this will only be temporary.

Regardless, it should be an interesting place to work. If you didn't click on the link above, be sure to go back and do that. My impression is that the people who work there feel really blessed. To work in that wonderful natural setting, and around such beautiful artwork - and to meet Frank Lloyd Wright students and fans from all over the world - well, it seems to make them joyful in their work. And even though I'm just a bean counter, that's important to me. Makes the day brighter. And ever so much better than listening to grumbling. But I have to be careful and really buckle down and do my work and not spend my precious time talking. I'm not used to an office environment anymore, after so many years of working at the computer at home....And I've learned that conversation can make a task take twice as long.

So, if I'm away and don't blog for a bit, it's because I'm digging in over there for the short term. But once I get things my way, this should be smooth sailing. And I'll have time again to stitch. And blog. C-ya then....

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