Monday, March 15, 2004

Stitchers Five

1. What is your favourite fabric to use? (e.g. aida, evenweave, linen etc)
Belfast Linen or any other similar linen

2. What is your favourite count (e.g. 14, 28, 32 etc)
I like the look of 32 ct, but I can see 28 ct. better

3. Do you collect fabric "just to have" or do you buy it with a design in mind?
I used to collect fabric just to have it, but after way too much stash collection, now I just buy for a certain project.

4. What is your favourite colour for fabric?
Usually Ivory

5. If you were heading for a desert island, and you only had one choice of fabric to take with you, what would you take?
Can I take along my magnifying glasses, too? If so, then Ivory 32ct. Belfast. If not, then ivory 16 ct. aida.

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