Thursday, April 15, 2004

(Sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday to you")

It's April 15
It's April 15
I've done everyone's tax reports
Except for my own.....

Sigh...But isn't it absolutely fantastic that you can file for an extension over the telephone? Or online? I'll tell you, technology makes my life so much easier.

And so much more expensive. I've been admiring gorgeous beaded scissor fobs online. No, not admiring them. I've been lusting after them. If not for the internet, I seriously doubt I'd ever see such a thing out here in the boondocks. And I wanted one. Really, really bad.

This is really DH's fault. I told him weeks before my birthday last month that I wanted a beaded scissor fob. I even bookmarked a site for him and told him to order any of them - I loved them all. I reminded him at least once a week. And he forgot. I got a lamp. Now, I love lamps, but c'mon. So then I decided to make one. And he was warned well ahead of time that it was gonna cost him.

So, after a phone call to a friend who makes jewelry, we decided to go to the Pittsburgh Jewelry and Gem show. What fun! What wonderful beads and pearls and crystals and so on....And the money just flew out of my wallet! And then I had to buy the wire cutter and the pliers and the thing that crunches the little bands - I forget what that's called. Hmmm, you can see how it adds up.

And now I've decided that I need some interesting scissors to go with my not-yet-made scissor fobs. Enter the internet again and sites with so many wonderful scissors you could have one for every finger and toe. Like Edward Scissorhands, but prettier.

I guess it's a good thing I've taken this extra job....Even if my taxes aren't done yet.

Stitching? I'm on the home stretch with the PH sampler. I just need to finish the berries and leaves on two sides of the border, and a tiny bit of backstitching on the lady and kitty, and I'll be done! No new pics lately - I'll snap one when I'm done.

Till next time!

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