Friday, May 07, 2004

What a busy time of the year...Track meets and practices, soccer games and practices, riding lessons, concerts, plays, parades - I can't believe anyone in their right mind would stick Mothers' Day in the middle of all this confusion! I'm kidding of course...

And today is our wedding anniversary. 21 Years. We celebrated last year in Las Vegas, figuring 20 years was a great milestone, and a second honeymoon style trip was in order. This year we celebrated by buying a blender. Soooo, you know what time it is?? Margarita time! I love my new blender. My old one could barely mash a banana. I could do better with a fork. Well, this one is fan-arita-tastic! None the less, I hope kitchen appliances don't become a trend for future anniversaries. I love this one, but....c'mon....

As for stitching, I've finished the Pat Harper Sampler! I'll put a pic in the sidebar once it's all nicely washed and pressed. I started Drawn Thread's "There's No Place Like Home", but man, I'm having an awful time seeing this 32 Ct. sandstone linen. I need some serious lighting and magnification. It's quite a change from the 28ct. I've been looking at for the past few months....

You know, there was a time when I'd scoff at 28 ct. linen. That was back when my eyes were young. I've always been very nearsighted (20:300), but I could stitch on anything. My stash even includes some 40ct linen. Shoulda used that years ago, but who knew how quickly my close vision would go?! Maybe it's just comeuppance. I should have learned never to scoff....Now I know that presbyopia spares no one.

I haven't watched any great TV, or seen any good movies, or read any great books lately. I'm trying to read We Were the Mulvaneys, but it's leaving me cold. If any of you have read this, I'd be glad for some feedback, because I'm about to put it down and move on.

Work is going well on all fronts. It's the little things that make it so pleasant. Small kind words, nice peope, having the columns add up correctly. I'm telling you, this Kentuck Knob job has been a blessing. I enjoy being there. I like the work, and for the most part, the people are terrific. However, then on the days that I do my bookkeeping at home, I appreciate the peace and quiet. I can get a lot of work done in a short time with no distractions and in the comfort of my sweatpants and slippers most of the day. So now I can see all the positives of working at home again. I feel really happy each and every day.

I was a referee for the first time last Saturday. I was given 4 games for - - - (don't get too excited) the 5-6 year old league. AH HA! Don't start laughing yet! It was harder than you may think! Kids that age still play with the "every ball is my ball" mentality, so at any one time 12 children (meaning 24 legs) were surrounding the ball. Just try and see who kicked the ball out of bounds! I was a wreck. Kids were falling and at one point there were so many bodies on the field, I blew the whistle to stop play. You know, when you just KNOW it's wrong. And the coach asked, "What's the call?" My answer was the highly technical, "There are too many kids laying down." OK. I should have said "Dangerous play", but who can think that fast?? I have so much to learn! And did I ever hurt after that! Talk about muscle soreness? I could cry you a river. But I began to feel better by Wednesday. So much so that when Colleen's coach called me to ref a scrimmage game for their team Thursday night, I said yes. It was different - She plays for a U-14 team (girls are 13 and 14 years old), and on a full sized field, with 10 versus 10. It was a great experience. Really - a great opportunity to learn how to ref in a realistic situation, without the pressure of it being a "real" game. And both teams coaches were referees themselves, so they were able to give me some valuable feedback. Even Dave (DH) and John (DS) came down to watch part of the game, which I thought was very sweet of them. John is a good ref - and (despite being a 15y.o. pain in my butt), he's actually very kind and instructive in his comments towards me. Like he really wants me to learn. It's kinda nice.

Well, I think I've rambled on for way too long. You've probably clicked away already! Look for me next week!