Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I can scarcely believe a month has gone by without a blog entry from me. Not a single one. What does that say about my life right now? I'm afraid I know the answer, and it's not a healthy answer. I've been too busy to even gather my thoughts. Not good. Makes for a thought-less person! And it makes people stop reading your blog. I'm probably all alone out here right now...(recognize my attempt for pity??) Seriously, one of the things I like about reading other blogs is that you feel like you get to know them thru regular posts. You feel familiar - and long periods between blogging make you lose that familiarity.

Well anyway, that's enough talk about blogging. It's time to just write!

Stitching? Nope. I honestly haven't had a moment. So the "No Place Like Home" is still sitting idle. We were on vacation over the first week of June, and honest and truly I took it with me and didn't touch it once, except to move it out of a carry bag because it was taking up too much room. I guess it was kind of idiotic to take it along on this type of vacation anyway...

We went on a cruise - all four of us. A great time was had by all, and I'm glad we did it. It was a week of partying and seeing new and wonderful places. And we were so well taken care of while we were there. Stellar service and nice people. There were always activities for the kids and they spent as much time with their new friends as they did with us. Teen dances and teen "hangs" made our evenings very nice!

That being said, it really wasn't a relaxing week, and I guess I missed that part of vacation. See, I just love the beach. We grew up with beach vacations - Stone Harbor, New Jersey to be exact - so it just feels right to me. I love sitting on the beach and hearing the waves. I love watching people play on the beach. I love walking on the beach in the early morning. I love being on the beach late, late in the afternoon when the air is cool and the sand is warm. It'll always be my favorite type of vacation. You guys probably have your favorites, too? Amusement parks? Museum trips? Family visits? Just-get-in-the-car-and-go trips?

Besides vacation, June was a month filled with joys and sorrows. On June 1 I lost a dear friend. My friend Bill died suddenly of a massive heart attack, with no warning and no predisposition. Bill was the president of our homeowners association and he and I had worked closely together over the past 10 years. His death was a huge blow to our community, and an even bigger blow to those of us who knew him well. I still feel tears close to the surface whenever we talk about Bill - I suspect I will for a long time to come.

On the joyful side, I went with DD's Under-14 traveling soccer team to the Chevy Open Tournament at Edinboro College in Erie PA. This was the second time she went, but the first time for me. It was fun, fun, fun! The soccer part of it was awesome. But the between times were just as great. Most of our families all stayed in the same hotel and we had a wonderful time just hanging out together. And these girls - let me tell you, a nicer bunch I'll never find. There was a moment when we were all eating dinner together Saturday night. All the kids were at one table, and all the parents were at another, and I looked over at the girls. They were smiling and laughing and playing cards and talking, and I wished I was able to freeze that moment in time. Do you know what I mean? When you look at something or someone and you know it can't get any better than this? And when you know you'll never pass that way again? Oh - deep soccer thoughts, I know. And by the way, we played well but lost two of three games, so no playoffs for us. But that also meant I had time on Sunday to stop at the Grove City Outlets, where they have a Root Candle outlet and do some serious damage to my Visa...

Other soccer news is that I had copied and pasted my old blog entry about the referee certification to the membership director of PA West Soccer, just to give him a laugh. And lo and behold he published it in their recent newsletter! Friends were calling to congratulate me, and I didn't know what they were talking about. I really didn't remember that I had done that. So that was kind of fun.

Well, my blogging time is about done. It's past 9AM and real work calls. Boo. I hates real work.

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