Monday, July 05, 2004

What do you do when you get to the point that you just want to kill your teenager? Or at least get him away from you? When just looking at them makes you want to spit nails.

I have had it to the extreme with my 15 y.o. and this time my resentment/anger is holding on longer than usual. There's just too much to go into in a blog. But I seriously do not like this child at this point in time and I'm happy to give up on all of the parenting things I've learned. All of that "don't give up" and "understanding the teen years" crap. I want to throw my hands up, declare I've done my best, and set him loose. DH and I are just tired - no, make that exhausted - and we need a break. Like a 12 month break. The kind of break a military school would give us.

We try. We seriously try. But discipline means nothing to this kid. His attitude is, Well, if you think I'm rotten now, just wait until you see how I act when you punish me. And there's no "dealing". He'd rather cut off his nose to spite his face. If we say, listen, this is how you can get some privileges back, he digs in his heels and refuses. Would rather act the jag-off and blame his behavior on our discipline than give up his idea that he's completely blameless in our awful situation. Truly. He really believes he doesn't do anything wrong.

Sigh. Hopefully my next post will be brighter.

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