Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Ahh, Day Two of school, and life is wonderful!

I even have time for the Stitchers QOTW!

Do you feel cross stitching requires patience?

No, I really don't think so. Patience to me means waiting. Mostly waiting to see what happens, or waiting to see results. To me, it implies inactivity. I think it implies peaceful inactivity, but inactivity none the less.

Now, I hate to wait. I have no time for waiting. If I have to wait, I may just move on. Cancel my appointment. Leave without you. Get out of line and leave the store. (That's not a big stretch - I hate to shop, so I'll find any excuse to leave)

So, how does this translate to stitching? I'm not patiently doing something. I'm actively working on something. It could take 100 years, but I'm not waiting... I'm working. So there's no need for me to be employ patience. Only endurance! And heck, I've got lots of that. Being realistic and knowing that most things don't come instantly (riches, weight loss, or maturity, to name a few) doesn't necessarily mean that I'm patient. Just that I'm realistic.

Now, let's see how this translates...There are some of us out there who are like marathon runners. They train for the BIG stuff. It takes them several hours a day, but they are dedicated to their calling and they finish the giant angels, complicated castles, and exquisite intricate samplers. Then we have some 5K runners. They also train, but not as many hours a day and so they like more medium sized projects. Some of us are sprinters - Finishing one quick project after another. And others are strollers. We don't care how long it takes us to get there, we just like strolling. Happy with finishing a project every year or so. Now, when you talk to runners, patience isn't questioned. It has more to do with enjoyment and dedication. I guess I feel the same way about stitching!

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