Monday, August 09, 2004

Well, do I ever feel like an idiot. You all remember that I've mentioned working at Kentuck Knob? Honest to Pete, I must go to work with blinders on. In my defense, I'm a good bookkeeper. And a good worker. I go to work, focus on my job, make sure my work is accurate and easy to understand, and I go home. Basically, I always try give an honest days work. Some of that is my choice, (I just work best that way) and some if it is because I have so much to do that if I waste time, I'll never finish anyone's work and that won't do. I may have lots of WIP's in stitching, but my work life is much different.

So - I've been working there for these past months, completely without realizing that my employer (and owner of the home), Lady Hayat Palumbo, is an accomplished needlepoint artist and author. Sheesh, her book, A Passion for Needlepoint is in the giftshop for crying out loud! And I never even noticed. It's a very cool book, full of some of her work as well as the work she's collected. I mentioned it briefly in passing today, and she seemed pleased that I had read it, but my curiosity is killing me and I really want to know more about her collection.

I guess it's good to take off the work blinders from time to time....

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