Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ahhh, it's been a good week. I've continued work on Little Boys. Just love it! I hope my brother likes it. I think I'm past my 10 hours for the rotation, but I'm going to keep going till I finish all the word lettering. Heck, I'm on a roll. I'll post a picture soon.

Work is great. It's amazing what one can accomplish in an 8 hour work day without long interruptions from kids needing rides! I was even able to complete our neighborhood newsletter this week. Now my next job will be the local Soccer newsletter. Man, I wish I was a faster writer and typist! Especially since I have no info from the soccer officers. And they want it done by Saturday (supressed laugh)... I'll not complain. I volunteered to do this, and I like doing it. Pressure is a good thing. (supressed maniacal laugh)

Yesterday, DS ran his personal best on the home course for his cross country team. If you're not familiar with cross country running, it's a 5K run over fields, hills, and woods. Much more complicated than a road race. I'm so proud of this kid, I could bust.

DD is feeling the pinch of playing two sports at once. I hope remembers and pays attention to the signs her body is giving her now for next year. She's tired. I think she'll need to make a choice....Cross country or soccer.

DH is looking forward to the 84 Lumber Golf Classic next week. All the biggies will be here. Yes, here. In Fayette County. About 3 miles away. Tiger, Vijay, John Daly. And the traffic is going to be un-freakin' believable. But that's for a blog at a later date.

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