Sunday, September 19, 2004

I guess there was no escaping Hurricane Ivan, even this far north. But all in all we were lucky. Just a few downed trees and minor wind damage. The Pittsburgh area was hit much harder than we were, just 50 miles south.

The only problem was that a tree took out power lines on our "main" road, and we lost electricity for 24 hours. From about 9PM Friday till about 9PM Saturday, we were roughing it. That's because a complication of living in the boonies is that virtually everything in your house depends on electricity. Heat, water, cooking stoves, etc. So when the power is out, everything is out.

We've been on the fence about buying a generator, but after this last power outage, I think I want one. I don't need a whole house generator, but I'd like one large enough to run the furnace, freezer, and well pump. Maybe a light bulb here and there would be nice, too, but I'm not asking for luxury!

In 1999 we had an ice storm that was huge, and lost power for about 48 hours. Power outages in the winter are of particular concern, because if your pipes freeze.....bad scene. Some of us talked about buying generators, but remember the winter of 1999 - 2000? And all the fear mongering about the millenium bug that sounded like the end of the world? So generators were scarce and expensive that winter, and we decided to forget about it. But now - maybe it's time to rethink that decision.

No stitching this weekend. I just read somewhere (probably in a light bulb ad) that as we get older, we require 4 times the amount of light to see well. So there was no way I was going to attempt candlelight stitching. I'll tell you, life without electricity isn't only fretful - it's boring!

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