Wednesday, September 08, 2004

There's nothing much new to write about this morning.

Stitching-wise, I received a lovely package in the mail from The Drawn Thread. I just couldn't resist the Souvenir Sampler, which is odd because I don't usually like spot motif samplers like that, but the Souvenir Sampler was really charming. Nothing like a nice package at the post office to brighten your day!

The other reason I had placed an order was because my pain-in-the-butt dog chewed up the chart for No Place Like Home. Being that I was half way through, and she had chewed through the center portion of the chart, I knew I had to replace it.

That's the second time she's gone after this piece. One day I came home to find hunks of dark stringy stuff on the floor. I thought it was a hunk of old carpet or something, so I carried it upstairs to throw away, and about cried when I saw that she had chewed through all of the Sampler threads I had pulled out for this.

So a week or so later when I came home to find that she had chewed through the chart....I was pretty dismayed! In 9 years, this dog has never touched my stitching before. But lately she's been ornery and - if you can attribute this to a dog - demanding.

Don't I have enough to deal with? Two teenagers and now an ornery and demanding dog, too? Whatever did I do to deserve this?? (Pause here for a brief pity party)

OK, so I moved on to the next piece in my rotation and all's well that ends well. I started the Little Boys project (mentioned below) and it's so simple and great fun.

And the dog will get to live here a while longer.....

Oh, but BTW, ordering from Drawn Thread was a breeze. No backorders, no exhorbitant shipping fee or handling fee. (I believe I just paid actual priority mail postage). Placed the order on Thursday, and had it by Tuesday of the next week. Taking into account the Labor Day holiday, I think that's pretty darn good.

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