Tuesday, October 19, 2004

As predicted, it was a cold and wet weekend. There's nothing like standing on the sideline of a soccer game, trying to watch the ball and the players, with wind, rain, sleet and yes....SNOW pelting you in the face. We all had a good laugh as we asked ourselves, "Now - WHY do we do this??"

So – here was my Saturday: I was the AR for Colleen’s game at 1:30PM. That’s about when the cold rain was at its worst. However, that being said, at least I was on the sideline with a raincoat on. My poor daughter was running in the rain, getting soaked. Then I hung out for the next hour or so, working in the concession stand. Definitely more dry, but just as cold. Next I was AR for a 10-12 game, and that’s when the sleet and snow hit. During quarter breaks and half time I was jogging the sideline to stay warm. Finally got home around 6PM. Made dinner. Cleaned up a bit. Fell asleep in a chair at 9PM, went to bed, and slept till 9AM.

Well, at least I’m sleeping better.

And I went out this week to invest in better sports bras (cotton gets wet and STAYS wet), and more long undies. Hmmm. Made a whole $10 on the field this weekend. Spent half of it at the concession stand, and $25 on proper underwear. So I’m $20 in the hole. Insane? Yup. But it’s a fun insanity.

As for stitching, I spent a wonderful late Sunday afternoon stitching during the Steeler Game. It was wonderful to be cocooned in my favorite chair, watching the wind blow outside and with my stitching in my hand. I’m almost done with the 3rd house of 4. It’s a winter house. Lots of fun! Once that’s done I’ll move back to the baby boy project.

Nothing much else to write about. Till next time….

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