Friday, October 15, 2004

Brrrr - looks like we're in for the first cold weekend of the year! 46 degrees and windy. I'll be wearing my long johns under my referee uniform!

OK...Time for a sports rant. I am so disillusioned with sports parents. The level of anger at various games is so out of control anymore, from rec sports leagues to junior high to high school. Parents AND PLAYERS cussing out coaches; football officials at a high school game being led off the field by security guards, and they were still bombarded by out of control fans; fights between kids and adults in parking lots after games. Really - this has to stop. Has everyone lost their minds?

I think what bugs me the most is the parent cussing out a coach. I'm not saying that the kid doing it is acceptable. But we realize that it's a kid and they can be forgiven for being a stupid idiot. Teenagers are for the most part lacking in diplomatic ability. Sometimes they're like 2 year olds with acne. They'll learn. But give me a break - a 45-50 year old woman and her husband?? You've got to be kidding me.

What on earth is the big deal?? 99% of the time, there are no scholarships, careers, or livelihoods at stake here. It's a freakin' game! And what kind of an example are we setting for our children? That tantrums are acceptable methods of dealing with disappointment?

And folks, get a life. Realize that this is NOT a Jerry Springer-esque world. Oh Jeez - what an awful visualization. Mom gets mad that daughter doesn't get enough playing time, so she runs onto the field baring her pendulous breasts. Dad deosn't like a tripping call, so he shows his hairy butt on the 50 yard line. Won't your family be proud?

Can't we just enjoy a fall afternoon or evening outside, watching a game and feeling blessed that we have healthy kids who can run the field? At most of the games, we're sitting with our friends, shooting the breeze, and commiserating over the cold/heat/rain/snow. Then afterwards, we're happy to see our kids with their teammates, or even chatting with kids from the other team. We congratulate them or commiserate with them, and we tell them that all that matters is that they did their best. Then we go out for something to eat, or maybe a piece of pie, and we go home. Back to the real world.

So - to all the volatile sports parents out there: Don't you dare ruin this for the rest of us. If you keep it up, nobody will want to coach our kids. And without a coach, there will be no team. Nobody will want to officiate our games, and without referees, there will be no games. So find something else to become crazy about. Or have your kid take up an individual sport. Tennis, boxing, fencing, or marathon running, to name a few. And leave the rest of us in peace.

OK, rant over. See you after the weekend!

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