Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Here is something that Rotation Stitching has taught me: I spend very few hours stitching. My goals for September included 10 hours each on two projects, and stitching a small bookmark. I barely eked those hours in on the first two, and didn't even touch the bookmark. Mind you - not for lack of desire. Just for lack of time.

Wow - that means I only stitch 5 hours a week. I know I get one in on Thursday evening (dd's riding lesson). And maybe I get 2 in during football. And two interspersed during the rest of the week.

Hmmmm - that's quite a reality check. But in a good way, I guess. It alleviates some of the frustrations I was feeling about having so many great projects gathering dust. I just don't have the "hours" to give to stitching. So I'll be patient and quit beating myself up over it. And how's this for spin? I may only have 20 hours, but I like what I'm accomplishing in those 20 hours.

On other fronts - DS had a cross-country meet yesterday against their cross-town archrivals, Laurel Highlands HS. These boys were really pumped (and really nervous) about this race. And DS still isn't 100% health-wise. But they won! In fact, both the boys and the girls team won - quite an accomplishment. And DS ran his best time ever: 18:59! Breaking the 19 minute mark! He rocked.

DD has a race this afternoon - I know she'll do well and run an even better time than the last race. She's really coming along.

Rec soccer is in full swing again, now that the golf tournament is over. I ref'ed three games Saturday and one Sunday. It was a good weekend. I'm really happy to be doing this in our mountain league - it's a great learning place. I actually head ref'ed with DD working the sideline on Saturday, and we made a really good team. Next week the three of us will work a game. DS will head, and DD and I will side line. Should be interesting. Especially if we start to fuss at each other...Loving, gracious family that we are....

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