Friday, October 22, 2004

I have just 20 minutes to zip out a blog entry before I have to go out into the dark night in search of yet another child. Or to be far less dramatic, before I have to pick up DD from the junior high dance, and DS from the band bus after a football game.

This was a week of great intentions for my stitching, but very little action.

For two weeks now I’ve had a very, very difficult time focusing on any task at hand. If I’m supposed to be working, I’m daydreaming about other things. Computer games, soccer games, TV shows. If I’m lining a soccer game, I find myself off in never-never land for at least a play or two. If I’m stitching, it’s not long before I’m up and moving around and doing stuff like sorting laundry or dusting.

I swear it’s hormonal. How else could I be feeling so scatterbrained?? And the result is, I don’t accomplish much of anything. Am I deluding myself into thinking I’m multitasking, but in fact I’m just screwing around?? Probably.

But let’s move on. Or maybe backwards, to follow up on my previous sport rant:

I found a GREAT website about sport parenting. I think I’ll publish this in our next soccer newsletter:

It’s called The Six Things Parents Should Say to Their Children:

For best results, parents should memorize and use the following phrases.

Before the match/game/meet
1. I love you
2. Good luck
3. Have fun

After the match/game/meet
1. I love you
2. It was great to see you play
3. What would you like to eat?

Pretty awesome, huh? Let’s see if I can make it through the weekend with this lesson in mind! See you afterwards….

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