Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Bags, bags, bags. I have so many bags. Bags of fabric. Bags of charts. Bags of yarn. Cripes, I have bags full of bags. It’s a sickness. Sometimes I look at a bag, and I know my eyes light up.

Hmmm. That big bag from Bed Bath and Beyond will be useful for something. Ooooh, look at that nice bag from the Nike store with the drawstring. Hey, there’s a nice canvas bag that will be good for storing my other bags.

Last night, while I was re-kitting some cross stitch projects, I came across the pink plastic drawstring bag that they sent me home with when I left the hospital w/DS. Did I mention that he’s 16? I found it in another bag.

And don’t get me started on those zipped bags that bed linens come in now. When they came on the market, I thought I was in heaven. I know, I know, fabrics and threads shouldn’t be stored in plastic bags for the long term, but my intention was never for long term storage. I had to wean myself away from them. Too dangerous.

I even have homemade bags. Several years ago, my quilting teacher taught us to make bags out of placemats. Oh, they were wonderful! And each bag was full of ziplock bags – as many as 10 ziplocks sewn inside! What’s not to love? It’s a good thing I don’t go to that class anymore.

Now here’s the scary part. I’m starting to spill over into…….boxes. I’ve had to have a “good” box pried from my hands. No, give it here, I know I’ll have to mail something someday and that box will be perfect! And let me tell you, if it’s full of packing peanuts or bubble wrap… Oh, the joy! Wait, wait, how about the excellent cooler boxes that Omaha Steaks are shipped in? So what if I have 3 plastic coolers already! It’s miiine! They can’t takes you away, my precioussssss.

And I’ve become a serious enabler for one of my coworker who’s passionate about envelopes. No gently used envelope escapes her eagle eye. So I’ve joined her crusade. We laugh about it every time I hand her an envelope, but it’s laughter born of pain. And I’ll never confess to her about the bags and boxes. I don’t want her to think that I have a problem…..

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