Sunday, November 07, 2004

I have to say that my sadness about the election was considerably lightened after reading a few blogs later in the week. And after talking with a few friends. I think we were all in the same boat – feeling rather isolated, like we were the odd man out. Talking with each other helped ease that feeling.

Another thing – I’ve decided that remaining silent isn’t going to be an option for me anymore. With three jobs, a busy husband, and two teenagers, I don’t see myself joining or forming any groups. But I won’t sit quietly anymore while other people spew. There must be a way to politely and firmly say I don’t agree with your view on marriage/reproductive choice/taxes/morality/education etc, and I’m going to find it. I don’t want a debate. I just don’t want my silence to imply agreement. And if they choose to drop me as a friend or sewing buddy or walking buddy, well, so be it.

OK, back to lighter topics.

I started knitting a poncho for DD out of Bernat Boa. It’s a cool rusty color. Well, after a row or two, I realized my mistake. Cool color or not, this yarn truly sucks. Unless of course, it’s that I’m a terrible knitter. Not out of the realm of possibility! But it refuses to stay on the needle, has absolutely no stretch to it, and the fuzzy part detaches from the string part really easily. So, I said to DD, how about a poncho in this nice maroon yarn? And her reply? Well Mom, I don’t think I want a poncho really. I mean, I have one already, and it’s good enough. ARRRGH! I see her point tho. Went to Kohl’s with DS shopping for clothes yesterday, and the clearance racks were full of ponchos. They were evidently a very short lived trend. Too bad really, because I was so enjoying telling the stories of my poncho days in the 70’s. I loved my poncho. Now it’s pointless…..And I’m hopelessly old and unfashionable again to my children

The Little Boys stitching is done for my future nephew. I still haven’t stitched in the name and date, since the baby isn’t’ due till Dec 23. I know they’re naming him after my brother, but I just can’t stitch it till the baby is born. Old fashioned? Probably.

So – time to add something new to my rotation (knitting doesn’t count). I’ve been eying up embroidered envelopes on the Internet, and I swear another blogger had done some recently, but I’ll be darned if I can find the posts. I’d love to do a couple for Christmas, just because I know a few people that would get a kick out of it. Well, maybe I’ll have time for one….Constructing it may be tricky, but I’ve looked at directions for envelope purses and it must be about the same.

Last weekend was play off weekend for soccer. The games were a bit more intense. Normally mild mannered coaches were not so mild mannered. But all in all I thought that the ref jobs I did over the weekend were done professionally and with care, so I’m happy. That’s not to say I didn’t lose sleep. I get lots of positive feedback, but negative comments from coaches stay with me too long. And you’ll always get some negatives because it’s absolutely impossible to call a perfect game. I just have to learn to let it go. Make it not matter.

DS and I went to our re-certification class yesterday, and it was a good class. Referees are a different bunch – well, at least the adults are. It was good to hear advice and war stories from seasoned refs, and then you realize that even the best refs get criticized (and in fact, abused) and they deal with it.

My trouble is that I’m dealing with it as if I were their mother. Somebody lips off at me and I want to follow them off the field, wagging a finger at them and saying “Get back here young man and I’ll tell you a thing or two!” Then I go home and fester. Instead of just ignoring it and doing my job.

Well, it’s something to think about over the winter, now that I’ve hung up my whistle for a few months. Forgive me a little self-congratulation here, but I felt SO much more knowledgeable after two seasons of soccer. I passed the test again with no problem at all, and I felt very comfortable. By the end of the fall season, I felt like I was seeing the plays clearly, getting better positioning, and my calls were much more decisive. I didn’t feel that “Wait, wait, let me catch up!” feeling anymore. And I was really enjoying it. Well, except the getting yelled at part. But confidence and experience will change that.

I’m off to Philadelphia to see the folks and go to the baby shower this week. Seeing the folks will be nice. The baby shower will be torture, but it’s family. What can you do? Have a glass of wine and be nice.

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