Tuesday, November 16, 2004

OK, I had my Lasik surgery yesterday. So far, so good. I’m certainly not seeing perfectly all the time. My vision is coming and going, but not so badly that I’m not functional. It’s more of an aggravation than a worry. And they say that the fluctuations go away over time, as the swelling goes away and my eyes stabilize. My reading glasses are a big help, and I seem to need a lot more light to work by.

I never knew how many pairs of readers I had laying around the house. Everything from 1.25’s to 3.25’s! The 3.25’s weren’t usable for stitching before when I was putting them over my glasses. But now – I think they are PERFECT! I may even be able to work on 32 ct. again. Hallelujah, because I have way, way too many USO’s in my closet with 32 ct. fabric.

DD and I had a nice weekend with the folks and even enjoyed the baby shower. I sat next to a dear aunt that I’ve always liked, but rarely had time to talk much with, because I only really see her at family parties, weddings, etc. So we had a nice visit. Turns out she's in the middle of a family problem that we went through not too long ago. I’m hoping I was able to make her feel better. If not better, at least not so hopeless.

Mom and Dad are plugging along. Remember that I wrote in August that I needed to visit more often and for longer periods of time? I really saw that this weekend. The longer visit means that we get more quiet time together. And they can continue along with their day to day life because I become less of a “guest”. Does that make sense?

I think I’ve convinced them to come here for Thanksgiving. It would be nice.

Worked a bit on No Place Like Home over the weekend. Boo, hiss, I’ve miscounted on the last house by one stitch. I don’t want to rip it out, but it looks like I have no choice. I hate when that happens! I’m a bear when I make mistakes…..totally destroys the illusion that I hold that I’m perfect in all things. Oooooh, how I loves to be right and I hates to be wrong! (Popeye reference there, if you’re not getting it)

So maybe I’ll start another project, while I stew over this. (How's that for avoidance?)

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