Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Wow – my last blog entry of any consequence was a couple of weeks ago. I suppose I was doing a lot of catch-up following the Computer Crisis of 2004. It seems like I can count on at least one crisis each year. But would I go back to paper and pencil bookkeeping? Aha. That puts it all back into perspective.

So, let’s see. I guess my last two weeks were spent working, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, and being entertained. Needless to say, I enjoyed the latter two things more than the previous three things.

DH and I hosted our neighborhood Christmas party this year. Our homeowners association has a Ladies’ Auxiliary – kind of a social arm of the association. There are some “traditional” events, and the adult Christmas party is one of them. It’s pretty easy entertaining, and I’ve done it for the past several years, so I have a system that makes it even easier. I just make sure that the house is clean and decorated, and that I have enough paper goods on hand. The party is BYOB and each guest brings a snack to share, and to tell the truth, the clean house part is probably not that important. I mean, you don’t want to be embarrassed by a grungy bathroom, but as for the rest, I don’t think people even notice. Especially at Christmas where a certain amount of clutter is expected and when wet shoe prints on the floor are a fact of life. (which isn’t to say that I don’t clean – I just don’t do it white-glove-test anymore) Usually about 40 people come out to wish their neighbors a happy holiday, and they are all very gracious and easy to please. So it’s a nice night. And it’s ever so much easier than planning the children’s party, with arranging for Santa and organizing snacks and drinks and crafts…. Those ladies work hard!

We had our Kentuck Knob Christmas party a few days later. Originally, the director had booked a local hall, but then changed her mind and we had our dinner in the house itself. What a treat!! If you’ve ever done a tour of a FLW home, you’ll know that you’re told from the beginning: Don’t Touch Anything! So tell me it wasn’t a bit daunting that we were invited not only to sit on the furniture, but to EAT in the home, too. Well, it was a great evening. We had wonderful food, great company, and a beautiful place for a holiday party.

Finally Christmas arrived. We had a very quiet day at home. The kids were happy with their gifts, and spent most of the day just puttering around with them. After morning mass, I made us brunch, and then got down to the serious cooking part of the day. I had planned a tenderloin roast for dinner. Why, why, why?? After all these years, I should know that I really suck at roast beef. I can roast a turkey, a chicken, pork, or ham. But man do I stink up roast beef! Luckily, since it was just us, there was no reason to panic. I finally decided to slice the thing up and put the slices under the broiler. Sounds a little like - - - - steak. Which is what I should have done in the first place, instead of fussing with a roast. And for the past few weeks, I’ve been practicing pan gravies and I’ve turned out some phenomenal gravies. Gravies that have prompted my family to say that it was the best meal they’ve ever had. But on Christmas day my pan gravy was not only bad, it tasted like poison. Seriously. It was the worst stuff I’ve ever ever tasted. I’m not kidding. So that settles it. The only roasts I’ll do from now on will be pot roasts. I’ll never be like the TV hostesses that have this lovely, juicy, pink-in-the-middle prime rib roast that looks like a dream. My family will have to eat out for that experience.

So now it’s on to New Years Eve and Day. We’ll go to our friends’ house for a night of games on NYE. I always have a blast, and it becomes hard to go home because we’re always right in the middle of this really great game…..I don’t have plans for NYD yet. If I can convince DH, I’d like to have some people over for dinner (don’t worry – it’s a pork roast), but he’s generally tired and not too much into company. NYD is the one day of the year my family will allow me to cook sauerkraut, and even at that, I have to cook it outside. Oh….the heaven of pork, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. They’ll never understand.

And that’s my holiday wrap-up. If I get in the mood, maybe I’ll do a stitching review later in the week. I’d need to be feeling introspective to do that, so we’ll just see how it goes, nnnnkay?

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