Saturday, January 08, 2005

This is very, very belated, but Happy New Year everyone!

Our New Year started out well. DS and I ran/walked in a NYD “race”. Really not a race, it’s just a charity event. It was called the Hair of the Dog Race, because upon entering you received a free mug. Upon finishing, you received a free Bloody Mary!! So you know my first response was, Where do I sign up?

Now, we had had an early evening on NYE. Drank in moderation, because I was learning to play Canasta and needed at least some of my wits about me. So I wasn’t even a little hung over at race time. Sure, I could have used another hour or so in bed, but that’s my normal morning feeling….

But remember, I’m not very fit. Who the hell am I kidding? I’m a lump of pudding. But I walk the dog most days, and I enjoy walking, (and I enjoy a good bloody mary) and I’ve done races before, so I thought, how bad could I be?

Well, as the starting time got closer, I got a dose of reality. I looked around and realized, Hey Lee, you’re gonna finish last. LAST. Especially when another race entrant, who I will now call preg-o girl, was flying down the road. Seriously. She was motoring. And due to deliver in 7 weeks. I was toast. But no way was I going to drop out. Let Preg-o girl beat me. I mean, what was I trying to prove? I AM 20 years older than her. So I was just going to enjoy my walk.

And I did. I enjoyed it even more when DS jogged back to find me because he thought maybe I had hurt myself. Because then I had company. He’s such a cutie-pie.

So I finished the race and man-oh-man that bloody mary tasted good. I had forgotten how much I enjoy a good, spicy bloody mary. Which, incidentally, was off limits to preg-o girl. Hee, hee, hee. And we had bagels – a yummy, yummy jalapeno bagel.

By the way, I actually did come in last. But listen to this. Like I said, it’s more than a charity event than a race, so you don’t run it for the prizes. The coordinator gave a prize for the first male finish and the first female finish. I think they got a gym bag and a fifth of vodka or something like that. But then there was this table of prizes and stuff to choose from, and lo and behold, he started prize selection with the Last Place finish! Yup! Me!! So I got to choose from all of the prizes FIRST! Which was really cool because there were a bunch of oddball trophies and stuff, but I had really hoped for this mug and so there you go!

The rest of the day wasn’t so great. Pitt and WVU both lost their Bowl games. And badly. That made for a very unhappy day in this junction of the country. My pork roast was lovely. But my sauerkraut – oh my. Remember that I told you before that because of my whiny, olfactory-insulted family, I have to cook it outside? Well, I did. But out of sight – out of mind. And I had the heat on the grill burner up too high. So I burned it. Yes, you can actually burn sauerkraut. But I ate it anyway dammit. It was the principle of the thing….

And that was the note on which I started my New Year. Some pleasant surprises, some disappointments, and some pains in the butt. If the rest of the year is like this, it’ll be ok by me!

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