Monday, February 28, 2005

I think the amount of exposure a person or company can get just by a short mention in a blog is incredible. Spreads like wildfire. I’ll tell you, if I were a needlework designer, I’d sure be glad that somebody mentioned me in his or her blog.

I know that some of my Nashville picks are strictly a result of reading about them on a needlework blog. With so many designs and designers to choose from, things get lost in the shuffle. For instance, I don’t think I would have ever seen Flying Monkeys if someone hadn’t mentioned it in a needlework blog. And now it’s a must-have.

When there was a shop nearby, I used to rely on it for recommendations and advice. They knew what you liked. And they’d tell you that if you liked A, you really should try B. Or you’d see a chart and say ehhhh…… But then the model was on the wall and there were some color changes made in the fabric and/or floss and ‘ehhhh’ became ‘oooohhhhh!’ Now I see that in the blogs I read daily.

I think blogs have become a good place for those of us that don’t have needlework shops or much of a stitching community nearby. After a while, you discover bloggers with tastes similar to yours, and when they say they’ve stitched something, it stimulates your interest. And because it’s so easy to post photos on blogs, I’ve been able to see some excellent finishes. And some lovely color changes. I know that bloggers are influencing my purchases more and more. Lucky me, because over the years, I KNOW I’ve bought some designs from catalogs or on the net that have been dogs. There’s nothing to take the wind out of your sails like waiting for a package and then it arrives and you think…. this is it?

So I’ve come to realize how nice it is to have a community that shares its stitching experience. And likewise, it’s very rewarding to be given a pat on the back when you post a picture of your latest work. Even if it’s from someone you don’t know face-to-face. I know I’ve stitched more in the past year than I had in the previous five. Seriously. I had at least five years of minimal or no stitching. I loved it, but I just wasn’t finding stitching stimulating anymore. I really believe that blogging and reading blogs has brought that creative and exciting feeling back to me.

So anyways, enough with the philosophical musings. I promised a couple of photos, and here they are.

First of all, last week I finished a pillow for DD. I had stitched this LK design probably late last winter, and Colleen asked me to finish it as a pillow for her. So she picked some sweet Depression reproduction fabrics from my quilting stash. And then it sat. So here it is, a year later.

And a couple of weeks ago, I stitched Count Your Blessings and posted a picture of it, but this weekend I finished it as a pillow, also. I wanted to try my hand at the Tie One On pillows by Pine Mountain, but I think they’re kind of expensive. So I just decided to wing it. And here’s my result.

It wasn’t difficult, but I learned a few things along the way. I made the pillow form underneath, and I should have stuffed it more firmly. It needs to be kind of firm to hold its shape when you slide the cover over it. And I’d back the cover. I only narrow-hemmed the cover you see, and I think it needs the bulk and the stiffness of two layers of fabric.

Time to end this post! I’ll list my Nashville favorites next time…

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