Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's been a week of taking care of the sick. I'm telling you...I'm no good as a nurse. It's not the grossness. It's not the dirty work. It's not doing the work of two adults for a while. It's the moaning. And whining. It goes straight to my spinal cord and zings me.

Now, I love my husband. No doubt about that. When he's been seriously sick or hurt, it's different. But when he's sick with a simple cold or flu, he's the most melodramatic person alive. And for some reason, that pushes all of my buttons. So I tend to ignore/avoid him. Which makes him even more melodramatic. You can see where this is going....

Ok, so let's just get it straight that I'm an awful wife and a terrible human being and move on with this entry.

There's not much important going on in my life right now, so let's talk about TV. I'm watching the wind-down of NYPD Blue. I've been watching it almost from the beginning, and I'm surprised that I'm not sadder about the end of the show. I suppose in some respects, it’s “ended” several times. Caruso left. Then Jimmy Smits. Sylvia, Diane, and Lt. Fancy. The only constants have been the characters of Sipowicz and Medavoy, and they’ve both more or less moved on before the series has even ended. So it doesn’t seem very sad.

Does anyone have any thoughts about “Blind Justice”? I just don’t see how this could work as a police drama.

I’ve been a good little stitcher lately.

My spot sampler is coming along nicely. So far I only have half of the border done, “abc”, and a thistle motif. But I like it. And it’s all mine.

I’m doing a Drawn Thread SAL with a yahoo group that I’ve joined. We all picked our own projects, and I had the Wildflower Garden kit in my stash. This is great…I was feeling extremely guilty that I had spent so much money on a kit (chart and silk floss were in the kit, but I had bought the fabric, also) and then let it sit for two or more years. So this SAL got me moving. I’ve never stitched with silk before. It’s nice. Other stitchers have said that when you start using silk, you don’t want to go back to cotton. I’m not sure it’s that nice…..

I finished a LK pillow for DD. And I’ve almost finished the LK freebie “Count your Blessings” in my own version of Pine Mountain’s “Tie One On” pillows. Just need to narrow hem a bit.

Photos later!

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