Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Our weather has been downright depressing for the last week or so. Late winter in Western PA is gray, gray, and gray.

On the other hand, I’m pretty happy to see some light in the sky when DS leaves the house for the bus at 6:40AM. I suppose a nice mother would drive him those two blocks to his bus stop. But I’m not nice. I make sure he gets out of bed, I make him a good breakfast and pack it so he can eat on the run, and I check his schedule for the day. But I stop there. Unless it’s raining…. hard. Besides, I believe this will build his character. And I would never want to deprive him of the stories I know he’ll want to tell his kids about the hardships of growing up back in the 00’s.

I’ll tell you what, my blog entries haven’t had much to say lately. So I guess I’m either content or just boring.

I got an interesting call the other day. They were looking for DS and I to ref indoor soccer, which is weird because the season is almost over. It’s a little bothersome on a couple of counts. First of all, ref jobs at the end of the season are not easy. There often isn’t much goodwill toward refs as the players (and parents) approach play-offs or whatever your league does to proclaim a winner. Despite the outward face that this is all rec ball and therefore just for fun, people – even nice people – tend to lose sight of that at the end of the season. Secondly, neither DS nor I have ever ref’ed an indoor game. And my kids have never played indoor league. So they want to put us in games when we’re not completely sure of the rules at a time of year when people become very critical of the job you do. Nope. Not for me. If you want me, call me early in the season. And give me your league rules ahead of time.

It’s kind of funny. Now that I’ve had a year of soccer officiating, I find that I look at sporting events differently. I really focus on what the officials are doing. Have you watched college basketball recently? How in God’s name do they DO that?? Those coaches are relentless! Yap, yap, yap all the time in the ref’s ear. Waah, waah, waah. I could take a good lesson from college basketball officials. They seem to put up with it good-naturedly and professionally. I would want to run them over with my car.

Hmmmm. Can I bitch about anything else? We’ve covered children, the weather and sports….

Have any bloggers started talking about the Nashville previews yet? Does anyone have any kind of overall impressions or trends of the latest batch of designs? I’m waiting another week or so to decide what I think. Certainly I’ve seen a couple of must-haves. And I’ve seen some same-old, same-old, too. But like I said, I think I’ll wait another week before I place any orders.

Here’s where I am on my Trilogy project. Don’t think I’m goofy that I only partway finished the lettering. I bought this pre-kitted, and there wasn’t enough of that color floss to finish them. I’m going to try some DMC 924.

This should be done by the weekend!

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