Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Here’s life in my house last night.

DD (13 y.o.) is at computer. DS (16 y.o.) is watching TV nearby.

DD gets up for a snack.

DS hops into computer chair to start his nightly IM stuff.

DD returns from the kitchen and has a fit. DS refused to move from chair.

DD pushes chair away from computer. DS still refuses to get out of chair. DD continues to play some kind of game, all the while standing up. I bring her another chair, hoping to diffuse the situation, but DD refuses it. Meanwhile, DS sits in desk chair, now 8 feet away and stares at her.

DD finishes her game from a standing position. Then completely shuts computer down, gives DS a smirk, and walks away.

DS restarts computer, only to find that DD has shut it down without logging everyone off. Consequently, his AIM buddy list has vaporized. Gone into thin air. He’s stomping and screaming. He has no reason left to live.

DS tells us that he’s going to lock DD out of the computer, AFTER he has deleted all of her files. DD is saying that she didn’t know that would happen….(thinly veiled denial here…I think she kinda sorta knew) I tell DD that it was a stupid thing to do and that her actions only made a bad situation worse. I go on to tell DS that being vengeful isn’t going to bring back his list, so stop all this nonsense right here.

He deletes a few programs. But he’s still hot.

Locks DD out of computer by putting a password on her account.

I disconnect phone line. Fighting and revenge must end here and now. No one can commandeer a computer in this house except DH and me. Internet will be restored once password is removed from DD’s account. DS concedes. (Takes it out later on DD in the bathroom, but that’s another story….)

DS and I spend the rest of the evening trying to recover his buddy list. No luck.
And now it’s 11:00 PM. I was hoping for a quiet evening at home to watch some TV w/DH and stitch a bit. Nope. I hold my throbbing head in my hands for the next half hour, then go to bed.

So goes another night of stellar parenting.

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