Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ref falls on butt...

Well, if nothing else, I can be true to my word. I actually DID fall over a 5 year old this Saturday. Butt over teakettle. See, these little bittles get out on the soccer field don't know what to do. Which is normal. We're an instructional league, after all. So you end up handing them the ball, situating them, and talking them thru a throw-in. And backing up when you do it. Which in my case, meant backing up over another 5 year old. Graceful, I'm not! Next weekend I'll ref some U12's. (kids between 10 and 12). So the chances are good that I'll keep my feet. But I'll probably have to listen to some lip.

Sorry guys, but I have zero stitching stuff to talk about. But oh how I crave an evening of needlework.

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