Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Well, I got a reprieve this weekend. I’ll ref 5 games Saturday morning, but 4 of them will be U6 (for my non-soccer playing readers, that’s players under 6 years old). It’s great – a small field, comical kids, and (usually) very relaxed parents. We don’t even keep score. But the kids tend to bunch up, so it’s hard to see sometimes. All you can see are 10 little legs kicking at one ball all at the same time. And this weekend coaches are allowed on the field during the game. So the chance that I’ll trip over someone is pretty good…. Oh well, we all need a little comic relief. And believe me, a 47-year-old ref tripping over a 5 year old can make you laugh.

There’s not much stitching news to report. I’ve worked a little on Wildflower Garden, but this stitch for the Tansy Aster is a pain. Image hosted by
You know how sometimes you get into the rhythm of doing a stitch and then you don’t have to think about it. Well I’m NOT there with this. So it’s taking a long time.

I’m working on DT’s Souvenir Sampler, too. Image hosted by

And a Spot Sampler with a Yahoo group. Maybe I’ve taken on too many projects. It feels like I’m not getting anywhere. Maybe 3 large projects at one time is over my limit. I know there are rotation stitchers that can juggle several huge pieces, but all in all, these three are making me a little nervous. Oh well, lesson learned.

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