Sunday, May 22, 2005

Coach rant

Man, I’m tired.

I was a line ref for a U14 game, meaning lots of starts and stops and sprints up the line. But had a call at the end that ticked off one coach. Coaches can be such dips.

Attacking player is coming up on goal. Kicks ball into goal. Goalie catches ball BEHIND the goal line. Goes even further behind the line and holds ball behind her head. Clearly a goal, and that’s my call. As a line ref, it’s my call to make – it’s part of my job and positioning. I signal a goal to the center ref, and head up the line.

Coach starts spitting tacks. Am I SURE?? Did all or part of the ball go behind the line? Sir – the goalie’s entire body was behind the line, AND she took the ball behind her head. It was clearly a goal.

Game continues and ends in a tie. But Coach still needs to vent. At the end of the game, when everyone is supposed to be shaking hands w/each other, he’s still going on and on. “You have to be pretty brave to make that call so close to the end of the game.” “You have to be 100% sure about that call to make it.” I wanted to smack him. I just walked up the field. Why can’t they get it through their heads that this is only a GAME, after all? If you go so nuts over a game, you really need a life.

Or better yet Coach, why don’t YOU take the referee certification courses, put on a uniform and carry a whistle and a flag? Then listen to people berate you. Maybe then you’ll shut up.

Later I centered a U10 girls’ game. The beginning was a little rough. I think in my mind I was still back at the U14 game….I was definitely not at my best for the first 5 minutes. But then I settled down and the rest of the game went smoothly.

I must be insane. To think that my hobbies before this were sewing and reading….What was I thinking?

Note to Lizzie: I know you tagged me – and I’ll be back later when I’ve settled down!

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