Friday, May 13, 2005

Finally, an easy day..

I’m reveling in a day off! It’s my day to do a minimal amount of work and relax a little. I need this, I’ve worked hard for I, and I deserve it.

So it’s time to catch up on my blog.

First things first: Pictures of my darlin’ girl Colleen going to her Eighth Grade Dance. I think she looks wonderful – the dress suited her perfectly. Kicky and a little unusual. I was glad that Dave was home that evening, so he could take a picture of both of us.

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Now this is Colleen’s “date”. He arrived in a pink shirt, a purple tie, and black and pink Converse sneakers, but I had been forewarned, so I was sure to compliment him on his normal pants. Tanner is a nice boy – Very goofy, and very sweet. Seems like he has lots of self-confidence, to be such a goof.

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But wait, it gets better! This was their ride to the dance:

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I told you they were goofy. Tanner’s dad is a truck driver, and he asked his dad to drive them to the dance in the cab of the truck. So Craig (Tanner’s dad) really busted his butt and cleaned and polished and I’ll tell you what, that thing was shiny. And impressive. Craig was so proud, and so was Tanner and it was really very touching. We all do our best to make our kids happy, don’t we? So what if it’s a little goofy. Sometimes goofy works.

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