Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I saw the absolute coolest thing last night!

Dave and I came home from the movies around 11:00, and it was a really, really dark night. No moon, cloudy skies. We got out of the car, and saw what seemed like thousands of lightning bugs. Trees on the left and backsides surround my lot, and there were so many fireflies that it looked like a lightshow. Honestly, it looked like something magical.

I’ll never forget last year when my friend from Germany visited us and brought her children (it was right around this time) and they had never seen fireflies before. Those kids were so excited – I don’t think I’ll ever take a lightning bug for granted anymore.

I’ll tell you what – the month of June makes me unbelievably happy. It is without a doubt the most beautiful month of the year. Just walking outside puts me in a great mood. The air smells sweet. The trees are a lush, gorgeous green. The lake sparkles. The birds sing like crazy. My flowers always astonish me. The nights are cool. Life is good.

We had a nice weekend at Edinboro last week. Colleen’s team played three games – tied two, lost one. So they had no shot at play-offs, which meant we finished a day earlier than we had planned. The girls were a little sad because they expected to do better. But after all, it WAS a tournament. You’re up against teams that theoretically are similar in skill level, but I always find that our tournament division is much tougher than our local, regular season division. I thought they played well, and Colleen played especially well. She plays midfield and she is one tough defender. I’m proud of her, win or lose.

Leaving early meant that we had time to stop at Grove City Outlets, so there was a bit of a silver lining. You can only imagine my glee to find sidewalk sales in progress! But we only had one hour to shop – so we only made it to the stores for our most immediate needs…. Well – I left the outlets jumping for joy because we found three bras and one bathing suit for Colleen and I only spent about $50! And in only one hour!

Now, you mothers with only sons, or you mothers with daughters who are still too young to care about bras…well, you may not understand my jubilation. But anyone who has or had a young teenaged daughter absolutely understands what a triumph that was. Nothing ever fits right. And if it does, it has too much lace. Or lace in the wrong place. Or too much padding. Or not enough padding. Or weird straps. Yes, any or all of these things could make DD nix the bra. Now, add to this that only a total of six 32A bras exist in all of Fayette County’s stores. And you’ll understand why the words, “Mom, I need some new bras” sends me away holding my head. Similarly with the words, “Mom, I need some new bathing suits….”

I’m not lying when I say I skipped to the car.

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