Sunday, June 05, 2005

This was so much fun!

Even though I almost went blind... Waxing Moon's I Love You to the Moon was neat, but the fabric was pretty hard to see.
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Maybe it was the fabric, or maybe it was because this was my first time using hand-dyed fabric. All I know is...I needed serious light when I worked on this.

I haven't been posting a lot over the past couple of weeks. Not much to write about, I guess. We've been to a couple of weddings. School is winding down for the kids. Work is gearing UP for me for at all of my jobs. Traveling soccer should end this weekend, except for maybe a scrimmage game or two and then finally the Open tournament in Edinborough PA at the end of the month. But my last referee assignment should be today, unless I get a last minute call to work at Edinborough. I doubt that will happen, though. I wasn't going to work the tournament at all, but another ref told me to sign up as an "emergency" ref. Seems that there are usually some injuries at the tournament. We oldies turn our ankles and pull muscles....So if someone is hurt, I may get a call. I really hope everyone stays healthy.

Right now I'm working on HIH's "Dad" Pocket sampler. Oh - I love it. This type of thing is right up my alley. If all goes well today, I might even have a finish to post tomorrow!

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